Friday, June 21, 2013


Welcome to my space. Let's open our minds to the endless possibilities of our imagination. Watch me gable in the world of DIY. Let me show you what I do to my crazy mane. Don't think I'm exaggerating, my hair is crazy. 
Hi, my name is Denise. I'm a Pisces, born in the year of the Rabbit. My little family unit includes the Mr. a fellow Pisces. You ask yourself how do we get anything done. We don't!!!!
My furry friend Mizu Ash, a miniature Schnauzer. 
My aquatic buddies Courage and Mr. Humps both are red ear slider. 
We just recently made a move to Texas. Where we are enjoying the warm weather. We're finally settled in our home. I'm so glad all the moving boxes and paper are out of the house. Good Riddance!!!!
You would think moving would become second nature to us, being that the Mr. is in the Military. Of course every moves gets a little easier. The leaving behind of the friends you have made during your stay is still just as hard.
Here we find a space where distance doesn't matter. We are just a click away. 
Thank you for clicking on my space. 

Let the adventure begin,


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